09215.2 helmut: quick draft, sketch…

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09217.2 archive of the living. methods.

texte complete and translated into scientific readability. text: helmut neundlinger.

Practical Perspectives on the Archive:
There are several layers of structure and systematic approaches, merely deriving from art history terminology, but also incorporating other aspects like gallery collections, individual collectors contributing, thematic extensions (artistic practices in cloys relation to political protest movement etc.).
It is important to understand that these systems cannot or even should not be replaced by an over-all meta-data-structure. There are possibilities/tools to integrate these singularities into a data network multitude. This is necessary for mining the subtexts, gaps, inconsistencies, and after all the untold aspects of the collection.
We would also strongly recommend a systematic representation of the sources, best done by a visualization through social network analysis. This tool would provide a still missing insight concerning the evolution of the collection and the contexts of the collector – following Bruno Latour’s definition of the actor: “An actor is someone who is brought into acting by many others.”
The archive should further try to establish a platform for communication with other archives, either through specific research projects or at least through forms of data linking.