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good morning aarkivista…,

longtime not seen. hows the week? in bln is shabbes maintenant. the -schwangere auster- (whichis enfait the only name for the only building which is indeed used by berliners as well contrary to other widespread -names- that we allegedly are using for bln lieux. no one is calling the fernsehturm -telespargel-, nobody calls the thingi on the siegessäule -goldelse-. none but spackos&touristika maybe…) is jdfs. -in gold getaucht-. but where were we?

achja…, good morning aarkivista. i have rest energy left (in the head) from the week spent in the lipsius environment. so i capo the town, (capo is not a horse, more a traktor in fact…) and go visit les lieux comme d’habitude. which i find plus interessant quand avant l’academie. i have -reframed- my persepctives of me as (cultural inhabitant) of this city. if i have learned one thing at lipsius, it would be: anyone, even one simple bauarbeiter (as i for convenience reasons call my occupation being gardener) can participate in the labour of scientific research. i would call what (scusi: we) had done the week over in dresden, -scientific labour-, nestcepas? i was maybe not able to contribute any input beyond (art pieces) yet, but im willing to elaborate on that. thing is naturement que vous n’ont vraiment pas paru interesse dedans les choses… donc, egal, je en fais moimeme imaginant que 1 mentende…

avez-vous un soir calme, dis moi un mot si tu veux, st.

prochaine installation: ici.