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jun8. 2315

hej the ash, good night…,

see, it could work exactly like that although i maybe cause a lot of confusion with the way im doing this right now. you can someway smell the art out of it? i do not know if you anyway are interested -in art- so only method is to just confronting the folks is it? yes, its a bit weird like that, maybe even psyco, but if i know one thing for sure, then that life will return to the mode normale si non exagere. youre never doing things like that? youre all virtual, le seule chose j en a surete cest ilyavais des avatars des vous installe dans le lipsius. mais plus? non, pas sure. cest un task…, move the present… if you not want to become digital, move the digital if you not want to become past. and: please send more pictures of wild flowers&trees. i have a certain aversion to search engines but am really interested in the florafauna of this unknowntome country of yours, sincerely, st.

damn youre right, its an art bitzos. mais je nai pas commence… deja.