09244.kook: art concept.

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09247. an approach towards conceptual art.

its not the vagina of the artist who strips naked on stage, that is interesting about kavatkala, as it was not the one of (#001) @kook.mono in the salle of…; fuck; where and who was that. okay i know, i have to find out MAINTENANT. you did yet? fine, tell me…, i have bad brains…

where was i? genau…: watching an (attractive) femme nue being what i still used to call -normal- does not, (and here opens a giant bracket explaining:

1. context

in the context of a rather elaborate performance, necessarily provoke verklemmtes starren auf geschlechtsmerkmale. eher the opposite. at the first time of that experience. (#001). meaning you try to avoid that. cannot detache yourself from manbeing and the feeling of: in this audience you ARE a man. (if there was smaller a word decribing that (condition) i would use it. honest, tell me one that sounds less.) this time, and expecting exactly what happened being warned by the artist, there was less confusion, less avoiding. go stare, motherfucker, or stare not…; im just naked, na und? ##2.

2. concept

integrating my self concept of -the limits of critique- into this (critique? critique.) its now presented in raw. i have to work on that. ##8. ce post se actualise soimeme.

3. lieux

4. surrounding

5. target group

6. main audience

7. and finally: suspicious reading, paranoid interpretation, new criticism.

8.to heavy? shabbath shalom… close bracket.)

find the reference: #001

9394, dock11. easy. „the artist is not mentioned in the critic primaere. next would be to check: drauszenpost. da werden Sie geholfen.“ jump: ##1.