09253. bon soir, aarkivisti…

saluting this (general, (sorry: generous)) manier might offend some (if some anyay) reading, besides the fact you may be in a different (time zone) than i maintenant, or zone anyway. war das verständlich? myn english is not yet adapted to standards. i am learning. ich könnt euch auch auf deutsch zutexten, blosz dann würde die hälfte jetzt schomal ausgestiegen sein…, (for the german learning scholars: (ausgestiegen)<- aussteigen; (würde) <- 3.p sngl, konjunktiv präsens <- werden <- (what the fuck is -werden-. it origins of -sein-, which is short for 42, and should be translated comme: become. its not its future form i guess since its a verbum en seule. im not sure. use comme: -ich (werde) 001 (lernen)- e.g., meaning just: some indefinite day in the future i think (maintenant) i could be learning 001…, something, at least. if youve finished this (indefinite) state-of-mind youre able to say: -ich (habe(002)) 001 (gelernt.)- easy? fuck a.

see, no other thing to say than to teaching the nottoteach. bit noch: if youre french native, you can just leave the -h- in the beginning of -habe- (when speaking) to everyone recognize you being french which is von vorteil in bln. if youre arab or turkish native born in berlin you can just insert an -s- before the -c- in -ich-, so everyone knows youre from kreuzberg/neukölln, do the same if youre german native born in bln and raised in spandau, and then pull ich+habe zusammen, it should sound like a german cockroach, or -shabbe(s)- maybe

donc, juste comme explanation de le phrase a debout. okay, i stop this, it was eigentlich nur 1

test test, if you alive. i know…, few of you are used perhaps to making long distance, but i (respected) you taking this way. i would maybe not easily go round the globe some place in the valley-of-the-ingen-aning… schüss…

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