hej kirsten…, good evening…,

surprise to read you, ich habe mich gefreut…, yesterday i (walked) through your (site) reading i think all the manuals or i think all the stuff there. was great. really. i felt very comfortable? in the world you created. although i didnt yet put together if -you- the one to whom i spoke on the table (because you seem to refer to the book we exchanged?) or if k.p. is the (long blonde scandinavian) which i remember spending time over the (posters of one of the manuals near the corner where i was put with my stuff…) and first time on your site remarked kp and the poster together. since perhaps many of the anwesende were editors and publishers and not the artist himself as i meant to interprete. correct me if im wrong.
i hope this series is not yet done and i am able to participate in some further progress, participate in the sense of actually be present if one of the -manuals- is becoming concrete cvd. real. its vivid. very lively and imaginable. very (rememberable?) screaming at walls, picking up bricks, slendering around metal fences with stick in a hand (i dont know if this is amongst your catalogue but this is what i meant with -vivid-. its all very familiar cvd. just the experience of that (experiences), not the elaborate touch of your descriptions. im far from being able to describe my own weird (performances) within -the world of things being- like you did.
okay, thats long for first contact, sorry…, es war mir ein bedürfnis
i hope you are not annoyed with this form of (exchange) but: i am -always- not (together) cvd. there so so many postscriptums -after- i sent a mail that i sometime began with sending people links to the aarkkiv where they should spend some time anyway. youll see, thingsre changing, viceversa.
i wish you same alles gute, vielleicht sehen wir uns, st.

see: first ps.
i know bzw. dont know how (horst) i appear adressing you the way i did, but i cant do other way, i talk like that. wir nennen das -distanzlos-, ich meine es ist eher

das fehlende rockmoment.

deuxieme…, for which i sorry, but wanted to let you (for sure know yourself) know-that-i-know the (letter) s been read. gives me nerve to further elaborate on the subject. its not that strange, isit? no spam in your folders, the poste is aarkkived, youll not lose it, ill not. and its trotzdem invisible with some hope i still have since the site is -not indexed-. youll never know. only thing: its not very -tres suisse-. rather german…, or just horst. i think im off a minute for the annex to explain to you/others what is horst…

ich schreib einfach weiter, oder? oder. since not knowing -how interesting- (what great formula!) is what i have to tell, i can do only: write into/towards -den reinen bezug-. cvd. ca veux dire… gib mir ne minute…

im misusing adresses. still dreist i know. i wanted since half an hour talk about -the manual-…, and what? drifting. shifts…, so: ich geh dann mal…; ich bin jeden der lieux in gedanken durchgegangen, den du beschrieben hast und naja i dont speak of the brick which im eager to turn, but you should know: you do, i just think of that. (-do- is to substitute with a longer, more (elaborate immer wieder dieses wort) expression i cannot think of this moment. ausführen osä. wäre angebracht. that is where my english horizon stops. (genau: ein horizont, der anhält…) …think of that…: for example a long row of tombstones of the kriegsgräberfürsorge, i heard a number of about 20.000 in berlin alone. choose a liked one and bury a thought. (is that a saying? sounds so familiar…)

okay sorry, this is gettin really horst. i dont now nothing. nice training for if i ever wanted to write an english novel osä.

ps, voici: didnt we spoke german? dunno…


jai recu 1 strange mail today, maybe not more than the ones i used to send, sorry for that. i prepare to open the zip attache when im on (firewall device…).