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mengden/stefanowitsch: corpus linguistics & vernacular resp. indexicality usw.: on how bauarbeiter speak berlinisch to represent berlin.

thesises: :slurs: appear independently of as what they express as :slur:. the derogative [001] function [index] of a derogative [{N}: here rather <derogatif> nestcepas…] is an asymmetric phenomen and therefore cannot be analysed within the limits of acceptance/tolerance of this function.


001: i learned (Saka 2007) to use <pejorative> instead of <derogative> to define/translate <beleidigende> [sprache]. i am still not sure about bracket theory, simple here: wether to use <these> or {these} brackets for expressing the :use: of the word within.

10183. sediment&out.

  • soviel zu :social media:. more passif is simply not possible. i will in the course of my ongoing absence elaborate on…, maybe…:
    • how to build up / develop a corpus of letsay :the berlinoise: if not able to elicitate [001: data witch would be here: spoken language of berlin] due to inability of communication with testperson.