#10467.mccarthy envoyee. ping.

mistermister…, bon soir…,

i know i do not apply to any of the rules your (institute) stated. this is not going to be a report neither a scientific approach to the (lesson) i was lucky to attending today in the silberlaube. for, u.a., i am not secure yet about the intents, regularia, formalia of the (institute) you introduced. reading through your novel is quite a different experience to this chose. just wanted to let you know (of me) and what im trying to build up still not knowing of the meaning of it. its developing sort of a life of its own. if you manage to get an idea where this -complex rotefadenbuecher- is heading and may be able to provide further information on likewise working (scholars) i would be thankful for a response, which way anyway…
thank you for the heavy afternoon, alles gute, st. (thats stephan, the bauarbeiter of the seminar.)