10177.6 hear you telugu

hej ash…, longtemps, nestcepas. its a year by now weve not seen. i hope youre still in bloom and blossom and its raining alot. summer here, the cemetary dried out again like last and the year before. 4 weeks ago seemed like its going to be heavy water from above few days, but as we see thingsre changed maintenant. i cut off dead trees from last years deserts and think of more olive to plant, whereever possible. send some images again…, of the florafauna youre surrounded by, i liked that. we’ll see if meeting in october nestcepas, im lookng forward to seeing you folks and have a strong biere allemande for the geneva beauty as well. til then…, march on…

10207.corpus studies

you will by time&bock learn of overrided nas corpus. material here: thshirts, :apparel: whateverthatis and general hoaks concerning how-to-remove-the-chalk-out-of-history. i am not yet in the mood to really be occupied with this specialsome appearance but if you are, i provide you with the data. so this was step 1 :elicitation: nestcepas? step twoe would be adressing the correct time you associate the material to by just skipping through headlines, they offer deep insight into the mindset of :participants:. na guten morgen..!

10211. guten morgen corpus kblsti…,

die befeuerung der belange hat mich etwas davon abgehalten, weiter mich den ernsten dingen zu widmen, ich möchte Sie deshalb ebenfalls bitten, die zuordnung betreffender poestes zuerst zu vertagen, ich werde mich um das aussehen der seite bemühen.


die <einschlägige> postes have been removed still available for corpus studies. i promise i elaborate on research question somewhere directed :on how to discover (entlarven) bilingual (zweizüngige) nz-prop dans offertes-ouvertes au platform-pas-concerne-what-them-sell:.


schön. wir haben uns mal gesehen. vielleicht ist es jemandem genauso gegangen, ich jdfs. habe mich gefreut, die ravina kennenzulernen als gesicht. auch wenn ich diese schrift noch nicht lesen darf…, Sie werden mir wohl davon abraten, es zu versuchen. ich weisz wir waren vor zwei wochen schon in einem Du…, ich habe es vergessen irgendwie. die zeit zwischen den sitzungen…; die ecclesia den ganzen tag, ich vergesse manches. ich kann das nicht mehr ungeschehen machen, die zahlen stehen gut, wie Sie meinten. bis Sie es verstehen, bleiben Sie mir wohlgesonnen, der drache…, die vielen zeichnungen, die wir gesehen haben…, n. schrieb: eine gedächtnisantwort osä., die es zu erlangen gälte. vielleicht können wir darüber nochmal weiter schreiben, ich weisz jdfs. nicht genau, was damit gemeint ist. es scheint mir ein begriff aus der biologie zu sein, vielleicht kommt es aus anderen, gleich unserem kurs noch nicht aufgehobenen erinnerungen. wir müssen das wiederholen…

10191.how corpus studies

one 1 will assume :corpora: have, the occupation with one, an undeniable attraction to a reader not preoccupied with what he might discover in the course of an analysis. but…, first: how do we get one? a corpus…

it seems all built. it seems as if material itself constructs what in the end we are able to extract as thesis conclusion. not, that :we: are questioning, searching researching analysing upon an arbitrary formula of wanting-to-know-something but this formula gave us a media dans witch we find without question precisely :no question:. only the answers.

to what aim then rebuild the questions, small world extract some of the initiants to what we found as respondance? can to be able to developing a further set of questions for the next generation of analysts to read out the yet non corresponding answers again some sort of catalogue containing again the means to extract a research question? ad infinitum? there may well be an end to that, but as long as we study the answers, we will find for another period some, maybe few thankful questions.

  1. and that may here just be Ich

10191.on limits of speech

although i dont know if translating the term into english evokes by itself schon connotations naturally von sich aus; not exactly saying :necessarily: associated to the physical aspects of (border, limits; <begrenzung> rather than <grenze>) which is just an intuitive guess i try in the course of (elaborate within that idiom: the english) to examine what the transition :of: that term from one language into another zeitigt (reveals) et voici me manque le mot. nous allons prendre lexpression allemande. jen veux vous expliquer.

to <zeitigen> witch is a rather oldfashioned expression i think (&as you may recognize a verbum, connected to Your verb-einleitende particle <to> witch i here used) would be best translated (dans le monde-petite francaise dans ma tete) by something like <developer> or <achieve> or <demonstrer>. some event is taking-his-time (please substitute this :phrasal verb: witch is (to the german readers: not to again :mixed up: cvd) :verwechseln (SYN.alm here: <verwechselt werden darf>) :within: the world of thing being. i would very much like to name it :being born: or, if somehow possible, verbalize <lieux> pour le avais :demonstré:. now this was a nice try, nestcepas? wo war ich nochmal…, achja,

die translation der grenze.

zb.: malone ecrivent ici.