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for example: you are here. you have to go there. someway. follow the trampelpfad.

to be continued: (i would prefer you edit/complete this list but im not sure if it works out…)

  • if you stand around and dont know what youre looking at: denkmaldatenbank dresden. — this…, is not a useful link. follow the trampelpfad. — another useless link: dresden sucks. — nice. end up wikipedia.

ok, serious: sites, w/o. gool.

berlin.de -> the homepage of the grand stinky oyster BLN itself. for finding admin, tourist, culture, traffic, general stuff concerning life in berlin. if you want to have a ticket to prolonger ta passport: ici.

hkw.de -> the homepage of the grand schwangere auster culture institution BLN.

more institutions:

arsenal-berlin.de -> institut für film- und videokunst e.V.

zk/u berlin -> center for art and urbanistics. (link chain: steve rowell, participant.)

literatur A:

lcb.de -> literatur am wannsee. grand schwangere villa, wideranged literature program. sbhf wannsee.

literaturhaus-berlin.de -> fasanenstrasze, kudamm…, tout en centre ville. centre vieille naturement…

buchhändlerkeller -> savignyplatz. yet non funded charlottenburg institution. go there, save charlottenburg culture lieux.

literatur B:

lettretage -> networks, readings, workshops, support. mehringdamm, krzbg.

acud -> literature just one of the many aspects of its contributes to berlin kulturleben. cinema, music, sometimes theatre. centreville rosenthaler platz.

literature sediment:

hidden page. pwd protected. skd entry. i hope you somewhere scrawled it down. if not: contacter rotefaden…

if you have langeweile in BLN:

voebb.de -> homepage of the -verbund öffentlicher bibliotheken- in BLN. if you was not able to transport a rucksack full of books coming to town.

fu-berlin.de -> freie universität berlin. dahlem. if you yet not decided wether to (prolonger tes etudes) lucky student.

tu-berlin.de -> samesame but technical university. ernst-reuter-platz. bithewai: bauhaus archiv. deutsche oper. manufactum. flomarkt 17 juni WTF.

hu-berlin.de -> self explaining is it? (humboldt). unter den linden.

and: you DONT need a car in this town. sbahn. bvg.

TASK: okay. dresden would like to become Kulturhauptstadt 2025. fck nzs. fck pgd. fck the altstadt. fck deres no beer in the city. wie soll man da kultur genieszen…


literaturfestival. berlin, 2019.

this site is no longer actualise. for archive reasons its still visible. for work study outgo visit: ./.STUDIO./.  rotefadenbuecher.

da werden sie geholfen.