09215. the living archive

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collection of -the living archive- in dresden town. examples of how to present archive content to public.

1: ALTANA GALERIE DER KUSTODIE IM GÖRGES-BAU — KUSTODIE — TU DRESDEN, fakulty of elektrotechnik/informationtechnique.

presentation: was accompanied by an -art installation- by TABITA REZAIRE (which inhere Id say represents the gaps&missing links); the technical items were arranged along 1st&2nd floor galeries…

items were mainly heavy machines from beginning to mid 20th century, manufactured by aeg, siemens halske usw. most of them transformators, generators… which covered a grand espace that time. nowadays transformatores have place within a cellphone for example…

TU dresden, faculty elektrotechnik/informationstechnik
TU dresden, faculty elektrotechnik/informationstechnik
TU dresden, faculty elektrotechnik/informationstechnik

2: same faculty, main building.

items: in -vitrines- to walk by. public accessible on way to toilet for example… 

displayed were books, -ancient- electronic parts, dokumentation of scientific (examina?)

tu dresden faculty, elektrotechnik/informationstechnik, main bulding

3: window of kunsthochschule dresden at brühlsche terassen.

presentation of work. open to passing pedestrians on the promenade who easily miss them. as I often did unless theyre not there since today…

4: botanical garden dresden.

dead end of -the living archive- and how to get there by producing an herbarium. an herbarium is a (conserved state) of a living plant (which is dried in paper/fleece matrizes under pressure) used for examination of botanical characteristics to for example specify a plant within a certain taxonomy.

botanical garden seminar rooms, herbarium

5: hygiene museum dresden. sonderausstellung -von pflanzen & menschen.-

presentation of the items which are not easily assembled under another perspective than the relations between plants & humans was open to public and served a wide didactic frame of a target group.

dna-analyzer. portable. הרדבלנ. checks&balances to whateveritakes.
map of exchange relations between continents. exchanged material (of the living archive: in terms of agricultural goods.) europe imports 4.624t of soja of which is 2% used for feeding humans. the main part goes for animal production & energy.

6: construction/restauration site at augustbrücke.

open archive of  sandstone material affected by weather in contrast to new construction material.

7. archiv -mode bewahren im öffentlichen raum-


8. archivthema -gesetze wahren-

being a responsible adult one is able to decide soimeme when to cross streets in this seriously pedestrian friendly town. you are not every five meter blocked by some red/green denunziant like in bigger cities.


9. proof of origin art piece #2.

10. archivthema: preserving economic (conditions) of the posibility of future visibility.