group ii. tuesday, evaluating biergarten. just notes…

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cement: marceno heritage of cem. industry, schiffshebewerk

born 1944, italy, grownup germany

money issue: what would i have done with the money instead of buying art

black mountain college of the arts

before: gehirnnotiz: mannl.weibl auszählen

-vriaule- italian region, open art museum

abi warburg, collector, american southwest,

what is the worth of acknowlegdement of already known artists in contrary to warburg: few women, many known artists, names chronicle

shape new out of given material: chance to work with and open new perspectives

landscape, ranges, archive physique: massuma, judd foundation (imani)

other ways of indexing than cardboard: travelling through the arch., alternative access

zeeman? collector

interviews could reveal premises to the structure of m. collecting items

concern of archive full of holes, not valuable in todays perspective, missing missing…, eurocentristic

why did missing artist not establish their own archives…

is to integrating missed items a task seperated from m.

programming, evolve in the future: how, creating a structure which is not killing all around it…

irrelevant in this time: haha: seedbank: whats the need when world is down? nostalgic?

post isms… no one knwos what to do…

future not utopia but distopia: apocalyptic view…, unexepected developement of society, world…

two sides of reality passed: for whom is this reality reality

close archive maintenant as veraltete weltsicht

will there be an urge to study the archive in anthropological issues… under scientific view on the world -today- or is this still not necessary in future

dead galleries: galleries as part of gentrification!

silent university?

small amount of people longtime affective? didnt getit…

archive as school…, students developing the methods

plants: conception of times, different time scales, lifecycle of a plant…

differerent elements of diff. temporalities, existisng on on temporal scale, constantly evolving to the needs of people using it…

what is the a. going to be: opens it? permanent archive?

moment: static

archive on the threshold of institution

ada school…

critical view on having perspective to/access in general to the archive: why? why should NOT everybody able to have access? political issue…

why is objects this way presented? why stools?