Das Wetter ist schön

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Not to be so Romantic, but.

But, the idea was to stay asleep earlier than usual.

Which means that things have to descend deep enough that i stay asleep.

I wonder why anyone falls asleep. If it’s like falling in love, yes, i would over and over. But if it is tripping and falling into a ditch of sleep. So either you are bewitched or ditched as you fall asleep. Like a trap/spell.

Why would i rather stay asleep now and fall awake tomorrow?

So that i can fall in love with day again and just trip into it’s might gravity. Falling awake would be a realisation.

Staying asleep is temporary because stays are all temporary. Nobody ever stays at the same place forever, especially when they pretend to.

The lullaby sounds like a lack of deferral. A statis not deferred. A something that stayed. Stayed like a lover who just decided to stay back a moment before you were about to ask him to.

Stay as lofty as a pillow. Stay the breadth of a mattress. Stay the careful size of a personal diary swimming among the whole length of history and beyond. Stay just long enough that you always wish it stays just a little longer.